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Find a hike that suits you

Use location, use keyword, use shared ID

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Location, for example

use multiple criteria

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List of found hikes

select the hike ...

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View the hike

Description, reviews, rating, photo...

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View the hike

Plan a hike...

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Prepare for the hike

Navigate to the hike...

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Prepare for the hike

Select beep or vibration...

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And finally go hiking

enjoy the nature...

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At the end write a review

and rate the hike

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Or create your own hike

and share it with other people

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Record route

Take a break if you want...

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Add highlights

with description...

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Have fun hiking!

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Why should I have that?

MyHike is very useful for active people who enjoy hiking.

In our app you will find a route that suits you.

Or you can create your own tour and share it with others or use it just for yourself.

During the hike, the app helps you to stay on the path and guides you safely from start to finish and all of this without constantly looking at the display. You will be navigated via beep or vibration.

You can rate tours and your own tours will be rated by other users.

MyHike is designed in a minimalist way so as not to distract the user from the essentials (your hike).

MyHike is basically free of charge, but you can support our further development with a donation.

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Get a great app for your wonderful hiking experience!

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Get a great app for your wonderful hiking experience!

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  • Get it on Google Play
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